OBC Staff


Gabrielle Bardfield

Coordinator, Events

Drew Bentley

Manager, Ticket Operations & Analytics

Kayla Blake

Account Executive, Ticket Sales

Ashley Diaz

Account Executive, Ticket Sales

Edmound Elzy

Director, Ticket Sales & Services

Ashleigh Faucette

Coordinator, Partnerships Fulfillment

Sean Glynn


Ana Hernandez-Ochoa

Chief Marketing Officer

Lydia Knight

Director, Human Resources

Khalil Knowles

Staff Accountant

Maureen Licursi

Manager, Executive Operations

Mike Liotta

Coordinator, Digital Media

Jason Lowry

Coordinator, Team Operations

Carina Martinez

Director, Business Operations

John Mas

Senior Director, Partnerships

David McElwee

Vice President, Business Development

Mitch Morrall

Vice President, Operations & Special Projects

Jarrett Nasca

Chief Operating Officer

Brian Park

Chief Financial Officer

Eric Poms

Chief Executive Officer

Christina M. Ramos

Senior Director, Marketing & Promotions

Ryan Sanabria

Account Executive, Partnerships

Javier Sanchez

Manager, Ticket Sales & Business Development

Kathleen Schmidt

Senior Director, Membership Services

Andrew Sommella

Coordinator, Community Outreach

Sarah Suarez

Coordinator, Administration

Larry Wahl

Vice President, Communications

Latoya Williams

Vice President, Community Outreach


Jonathan Aguiar

Assistantship, CRM & Data Analytics

Morgann Alcumbrack

Intern, Marketing & Promotions

Leigh Andrew

Assistanstship, Ambassador Program

Ashley Bishop

Ticket Sales Executive

Hope Carpinello

Assistantship, Communications

Ian Chapkis

Intern, Partnerships

Sydney Curtis

Assistantship, ACC

Andres Fulgencio

Intern, Partnerships

Aaron Hall

Ticket Sales Executive

Eric Henry

Intern, Game Operations

Conor Lynch

Ticket Sales Executive

Matthew Macinnis

Assistantship, Festival Events

Mia Merritt

Administrator, OBLA

Rachel Mundy

Intern, Game Operations

Henry Olivas

Ticket Sales Executive

Marilyn Morales Perez

Intern, Community Outreach

Brian Rebegila

Ticket Sales Executive

Luis Rivera

Ticket Sales Executive

Michael Rutzick

Ticket Sales Executive

Shakira Shabazz

Intern, SYII

David Silverstone

Ticket Sales Executive

Jacob Wawro

Assistantship, Partnerships

Ciera Williams

Intern, Marketing & Promotions




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