Legacy Project

About Legacy Projects

The Orange Bowl has been a mainstay in South Florida since a crowd of 1,800 gathered at Miami’s Moore Park in 1933 to watch the University of Miami defeat Manhattan College in the inaugural “Palm Festival.”

In January 2011, the Orange Bowl cut the ribbon on Orange Bowl Field at Moore Park, a much needed youth football stadium and facilities at urban Miami’s inner city Moore Park. It was the culmination of a $5.65 million legacy gift initiative the Orange Bowl spearheaded in recognition of its 75th anniversary in 2008-09. The Orange Bowl directly contributed $2.5 million to the project plus design fees, and raised an additional $650,000 for completion of the community neighborhood and youth sports complex. The $2.5 million plus gift was matched by the City of Miami, which partnered with the Orange Bowl to construct the facility.  Moore Park is the site of the 1933 and 1934 Palm Festivals, the predecessor of the Orange Bowl Festival.

In celebration of the Orange Bowl double hosting the 2013 Discover Orange Bowl and the 2013 Discover BCS National Championship Game, the Orange Bowl is continuing its legacy gift tradition. Currently, the Orange Bowl is planning the restoration of Carter Park in Fort Lauderdale and a similar legacy gift in Miami-Dade County. Orange Bowl Field at Carter Park is expected to be complete in January 2013.