Orange Bowl Committee Elects 2016-17 Board Members



The Orange Bowl Committee (OBC) held elections for its 2016-17 board of directors and officers during its February monthly membership meeting.

Newly elected as at-large board members were Timothy A. Battle, Shawn D. Crews, Marlon A. Hill and Douglas P. Wiley. Also elected as at-large members were Ann E. Pope, who just completed a four-year term as secretary, and Robert J. Shafer Jr., who was an ex officio member last year as chair of a team host committee. Albert E. Dotson Jr., Christopher E. Knight, John P. “Jack” Seiler and Mario Trueba were re-elected; Dotson Jr. and Knight as past presidents, Seiler and Trueba as at-large members.

The board then elected Bradley D. Houser as secretary. He joins President & Chair Michael B. Chavies, Chair-elect Don Slesnick, First Vice Chair Sean Pittman, Second Vice Chair José C. Romano, Immediate Past President & Chair Lee Stapleton and Chief Executive Officer Eric L. Poms as members of the executive committee of the board of directors.

2016-17 Orange Bowl Committee Board of Directors

Officers/Executive Committee

  • Michael B. Chavies, President & Chair
  • Don Slesnick, President-Elect & Chair-Elect
  • Sean Pittman, First Vice Chair
  • José C. Romano, Second Vice Chair
  • Bradley D. Houser, Secretary
  • Frank Gonzalez, Treasurer
  • Lee Stapleton, Immediate Past President & Chair
  • Eric L. Poms, Chief Executive Officer

Board Members

  • Timothy A. Battle
  • Shawn D. Crews
  • Shaun M. Davis
  • Albert E. Dotson Jr.
  • Gerald Grant Jr.
  • Marlon A. Hill
  • Yvonne Turner Johnson
  • Christopher E. Knight
  • Matthew E. Morrall
  • Ann E. Pope
  • Peter T. Pruitt Jr.
  • Jeff E. Rubin
  • John P. “Jack” Seiler
  • Robert J. Shafer Jr.
  • Mario Trueba
  • Douglas P. Wiley

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