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Positively Shaping the South Florida Community

Our Mission and Vision

The Orange Bowl Committee was created in 1935 with the mission of generating tourism for South Florida through an annual football game and supporting Festival. The non-profit, sports organization that promotes and serves the South Florida community has grown to 348 members since its inception. It has expanded beyondGreater Miami to become a cornerstone of the entire South Florida area. The Committee is aided by approximately one thousand additional “Ambassadors,” community volunteers who make us, the Festival, and our community stronger.

The Orange Bowl brand helped put South Florida on the map and build the community into the popular tourist destination it remains today. While its primary mission for 78 years has been to bring tourism to South Florida through an annual football game and Festival, it has also maintained a legacy of charitable contributions and community outreach. 

Bolstering the Economy

2012-13 marks the second time the Orange Bowl will double host college football’s National Championship and the annual Orange Bowl game. The Orange Bowl works to ensure that South Florida remains in the position of being one of just four communities nationwide with a spot in college football’s prestigious Bowl Championship Series and a part of the National Championship Game rotation. Each year our bowl game(s) and affiliated Festival events attract tens of thousands of visitors who fuel the local economy with millions of dollars. This translates into jobs and benefits for local hospitality and service industries and vendors, in line with our mission of serving the South Florida community. According to the Sports Management Research Institute, it is estimated the last time the Orange Bowl double hosted in 2008-09, our bowl games and Festival events generated nearly $200 million in economic impact and media added value for South Florida during one of the worst economic downturns South Florida has experienced. This figure is over and above the direct support the Orange Bowl provides in a variety of areas on an annual basis.

Support of Intercollegiate Athletics and Higher Education

Payments from the Orange Bowl have contributed to the approximately $175 million in overall BCS revenue annually; this overall amount is distributed by the BCS to benefit nearly 200 universities throughout the country. Throughout its 78 years of existence, the Orange Bowl’s payouts have led to participating schools and conferences receiving in excess of half a billion dollars before adjusting for inflation.

In 2011-12, the Orange Bowl provided more than $200,000 in funding for scholarships, both directly to deserving high school students and to institutions of higher education. Through programs such as “Field of Dreams,” a celebration that recognizes outstanding high school scholars in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties, the ACC Inter-Institutional Scholarship Fund, and other various programs, the Orange Bowl has provided nearly $1.5 million in scholarships over the last 13 years.

Support of Events, Organizations and Causes

The Orange Bowl supports organizations and events both in and outside of South Florida on an annual basis, benefitting numerous charities, funds and groups. In 2011-12, that support totaled nearly $70,000.

In addition to this annual support, the Committee is also there in times of need, providing funding to those impacted by adverse circumstances, and will continue to do so in the future. The Orange Bowl’s donations to institutions, organizations and individuals affected by such things as natural disasters and tragedy over the last seven years have totaled in excess of $250,000.

Support of Youth Programs

The Orange Bowl benefits thousands of South Florida youth by generating youth sports leagues, events and competitions and funding an array of grants, donations and community programs to support this competition.  

In 2011-12, the Orange Bowl invested approximately $600,000 as well as hundreds of volunteer and staff hours to serve more than 16,000 young football players and cheerleaders who participate in the Orange Bowl Youth Football Alliance. Since the beginning of this program 13 years ago, the Orange Bowl has invested approximately $5 million in its youth sports programs in South Florida.

The Orange Bowl also contributes to economic development by providing $70,000 annually in support of locally-based festival and events, including those that provide participatory opportunities to youth from all over the world, such as the Junior Orange Bowl (which is not affiliated with the Orange Bowl Committee), the Orange Bowl Sailing Regatta Series and the Orange Bowl International Tennis Championships. Over the last 12 years, the Committee’s support in this area was approximately $800,000.

In January 2011, the Orange Bowl cut the ribbon on the brand new Orange Bowl Field at Moore Park, a much needed youth football stadium and facilities at urban Miami’s inner city Moore Park. It was the culmination of a $5.65 million legacy gift initiative the Orange Bowl spearheaded in recognition of its 75th anniversary in 2008-09. The Orange Bowl directly contributed $2.5 million to the project plus design fees, and raised an additional $650,000 for completion of the community neighborhood and youth sports complex. The $2.5 million plus gift was matched by the City of Miami, which partnered with the Orange Bowl to construct the facility.  Moore Park is the site of the 1933 and 1934 Palm Festivals, the predecessor of the Orange Bowl Festival.

The Orange Bowl is currently planning additional legacy gifts in both Broward and Miami-Dade Counties in recognition of its hosting the BCS National Championship Game in 2013.

A Bright Future

The Orange Bowl, its Festival and the championship sporting events it promotes, truly belong to the people of South Florida. The Committee merely serves as stewards to ensure that it continues to generate business for local companies, recharges the region’s economic engine, inspires and supports the youth of South Florida, and positively shapes the face of our community.